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For the last five years, I have been growing the idea of a magazine focused on diversity – a magazine that would enlighten and challenge readers. With the arrival of Ohio Diversity, I see a tremendous opportunity to appeal to a wide array of people in the community since our magazine is all about inclusion.

As the trend toward diversity in all of its dimensions continues, Ohio faces dramatic changes in the social and economic context. Leveraging diversity will be essential to foster innovation and remain competitive as a viable community.

I want Ohio Diversity to be a source of knowledge about the benefits of diversity and its impact, not only on business performance but also on community well-being. Ohio Diversity will provide a platform to celebrate diversity and create a healthy discussion on the topic of diversity.

With this in mind, our inaugural issue features the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Ohio as a way to honor the accomplishments and contributions of female leaders in the region. We explore other women’s issues, including work/life balance and taking smart risks to ensure success. In other stories, we examine the business case for diversity, communication codes in Asian culture, and the impact of a nonprofit organization working with children in foster care. We also offer insights on diversity best practices and financial literacy.

Creating a magazine from scratch is no easy task, and the team that I was able to assemble has done a great job making Ohio Diversity happen.  I invite you to be part of this dream come true and the journey that follows it. And on the way, let us hear from you, our reader, as we are here to serve you.

Dennis Kennedy
Publisher and Founder
[email protected]

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